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Edo Higan (ɛdoʊ igan)  江戸ヒガン    Established in 2019. Edo Higan (cherry blossom tree) blooms in the spring equinox, a symbol of our commitment to providing the freshest ingredients day-in, day-out. Guests will find an eclectic selection of menu items that are sure to cater to any appetite. From our never-frozen premium yellowtail, to our famous Kobe beef black rock grill, our mission is to provide a uniquely traditional and fusion dining experience for our patrons. Join us for a memorable experience that will leave you longing to stop in the next time you find yourself in the Park Meadows area.

Amazing new sushi place! We've been there twice and both times the food and service has been top notch! Our favorite roll is the Twister, but everything we've tried has been great. The presentation is wonderful with a beautiful flower added to complete the spread. The service has been one of the best we've had as well - would highly recommend Edo Higan be added to your favorite sushi restaurants!

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